300 hour teacher training | modules

This 300 hour advanced Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training covers the therapeutic healing arts of yoga, sequencing, Ayurveda, pranayama, mantra, ritual, philosophy and lifestyle empowerment. Learn how to bring the ancient traditions of yoga alive for the modern urban yogi. The 300 hours are divided into modules, each with a certain number of Yoga Alliance credit hours, that will be taught over the course of a year. If you are unable to attend one of the weekends or module dates, you can continue to build your 300 credit hours over a period of 5 years. The modules will be offered annually and you can begin anywhere during the year.


With Gopi and Braja. 10 day retreat in Colombia. March 15th - 26th 2019. $1450.

Extract yourself from your everyday life and join Gopi and Braja at the Eco Bhakti retreat center in Colombia where we will learn the science to sequencing. This 100 hour advanced teacher training module will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to craft sequences suited for a wide range of clients and audiences, from advanced level studio classes, to an individual needing therapy for a basic common injury or repetitive movement pattern, to a group desiring a slower pace that incorporates elements of restorative and yin yoga. Each day will also include spiritual discussions, meditation, mantra recitation and kirtan, as experiencing and exploring spiritual practices boosts clarity, intuition, empowering healing and wisdom. Special talks will be given by Dhanurdhara Swami, a monk from the Bhakti tradition. In a 10-day immersion setting in beautiful Colombia, we'll focus on the following topics:

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Advanced Sequencing and Mandala Formation

  • Building an advanced class that unfolds towards a peak yoga posture

  • “Families” of asanas that gradually take a student deeper

  • Creating circular Mandala sequences that flow organically, break down preconceived ideas and stimulate prana

  • Using hands-on assists to deepen the desired effect

The Art of Adaptation for Therapeutic Needs

  • How adaptations create different objectives and results

  • Working one-on-one to address an individual’s physical, mental and emotional needs

  • Composing short practices or sequences to achieve maximum recovery

  • Yoga as a preventive method, rather than a fitness practice

  • How to deepen a desired effect and change using hands-on assists and therapeutic props

  • How to use chairs, blocks, straps and other props for various adaptive purposes

Yin and Restorative Yoga

  • Modifying poses so they calm the nervous system and allow students to relax

  • Working with the breath to slow down and deepen the practice

"bhakti boot camp" with Gaura vani: 25 hrs


Music and singing workshop . Kirtan Basics April 5th-7th 2019. $325

Harmonium, Singing & Rhythm - Two full days of harmonium practice, singing and music study. Strengthen your voice. Learn to trust your voice and your ear. What does it take to lead a kirtan/chant? How do you play with other people? How do you start? How do you end? Walk away with some harmonium songs you can do right away. Learn the foundational rhythms of kirtan first by clapping to the traditional rhythms and then using kartals (metal cymbals/bells). Jump start your kirtan practice with this practical weekend. Open up your mouth and sing!

yoga for depression and anxiety: 25 hrs 

June 7th, 8th and 9th. 2019 (Fri. 5/10th 6-9 pm, Sat. and Sun. 5/11-12th 9 am-6 pm)  $325.

Depression and anxiety manifest differently in individuals when they are placed under extreme stress or faced with trauma. A person's response is often based on the Ayurvedic constitution, so learning to treat the symptoms will vary based on the body type and other factors. We will look at depression and anxiety from a holistic approach, using postures, pranayama, meditation, mantra and affirmations as tools to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression and eventually access the root causes of the problems.


With Braja. Sept 7th and 14th, 14th and 15th, and 28th and 29th.

Sat. and Sun. 12-8pm


Yoga is more than postures. We are given the greatest gift of life at birth: THE BREATH. Explore advanced pranayama techniques that can be therapeutically applied within your yoga practice. The air of life, or prana, when imbalanced can make one sluggish, hyperactive, anxious, nervous, depressed, and overall disconnected. Every action we do affects our prana, which in turn affects our emotions and state of mind. If we know how to balance and harness this greater power with us, we can learn to prevent illnesses, regain a power of assertion and clarity, heal and find emotional and mental stability.

This two-weekend series covers both pranayama itself and how to sequence and combine pranayama and yoga to achieve a desired therapeutic objective. We will learn cleansing breaths (kriyas) and energizing breath techniques, work on increasing lung capacity to ultimately promote longevity and blood circulation, and study techniques for using pranayama to ease anxiety, balance the nervous system,  promote digestion, cool an overheated body and mind and more. By adding sacred sound (mantra) into breathwork, we will also explore means of deepening our focus and intention.

ayurveda and healing: 50 hrs

With Gopi and Kirsten Ahern : Date TBT 2019. $750. (Weekends can also be taken separately; $425 for 9/28-30, $375 for 11/16-18) 

Ayurveda is a fast-growing holistic wellness system that originates in ancient practices from India that look  at the whole self--mind, body and soul--to create balance and wellbeing. This two-part workshop, led by BYDC founder Gopi Kinnicutt and Ayurvedic consultant Sheetal Ajmani, introduces the foundations of Ayurveda, and how to use diet, herbs, yoga and conscious lifestyle practices to achieve optimum balance according to your own personality and constitution.

1st Weekend: Ayurveda, Food and Nutrients. (Fri. 9/28 6:30-9 pm, Sat. and Sun. 9/29-30 9 am-6 pm)

This weekend immersion focuses on achieving balance through diet and nutrients. We’ll discuss the three main “doshas,” or types of constitutions, what they look like in optimal and imbalanced states, and the crucial role nutrition plays in wellness. Topics covered include:

  • The fundamentals of Ayurveda, including the doshas

  • How diets affect each dosha in positive and negative ways

  • How diets should change according to the seasons

  • The role agni, or “digestive fire,” plays in restoring balance, and how to to improve it

  • Yoga, movement and digestion

Gopi will also present two Ayurvedic cooking classes, introducing principles of vegetarian cooking and how to customize ingredients and preparations to benefit individual doshas and conditions. To register for the single weekend please click here

2nd Weekend: Ayurveda and Lifestyle Practices. (Fri. 11/16 6-9 pm, Sat. and Sun. 11/17-18 9 am-6 pm)

This weekend immersion focuses on developing habits and practices that create optimal balance in both mind and body, using Ayurvedic tools including  yoga, pranayama, herbs and oils. Topics covered include:

  • The fundamentals of Ayurveda, including the doshas

  • The Ayurvedic daily routine known as dinacharya, and how to customize it for your own dosha

  • Using yoga sequences and pranayama (breathing exercises) to balance your dosha

  • Essential oils and ayurveda