Deepen your yoga practice and teaching experience. This 300 hour advanced training is broken up into modules that are spread over 9 three day weekends. It is an opportunity to build on your skills and learn the broader science of yoga and its application. 


  • The art of creating adaptation to serve a desired effect or objective
  • Yoga for depression and anxiety
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga–become mindful about language use, postures to use and not use based on the type of trauma groups
  • Yoga as a therapy–learn to compose short practices or sequences (15 min) to achieve maximum effect for recovery and healing
  • Yoga as a preventative–more than a fitness practice
  • Restorative yoga using bolsters, straps and blocks
  • Advanced breath work (pranayama)–how to use pranayama in emotional and mental healing; how to sequence breath work appropriately
  • Ayurveda– study the doshas and learn how to balance them through lifestyle, diet, work and yoga
  • Look at diet and the effects of food on consciousness, the process of cooking using Ayurvedic herbs and spices, and the compatible combination of foodstuffs to create mind-body balance
  • How to teach and practice silent meditation, mantra meditation, japa and kirtan; the power of sound in asanas, using vibration as a way of healing and focusing, meanings of mantras and seed vibrations
  • Marma, Nadi and Chakra series–includes an in-depth study of the chakra system; look at the corresponding nadi lines (lines of energy), and marma points (sensitive energy points)
  • The limbs of Bhakti Yoga
  • The power of sacred sound
  • Rituals and Puja
  • The inner meanings behind the names of postures.
  • Stories (Lila) taken from yogic texts and teachings that teach us how to live yoga.