With Gopi and Kirsten Ahern : Two weekend immersion $700.

Ayurveda, or “the science of life”, is a holistic system of wellbeing that originated in ancient India and today is among the fastest growing alternative and complementary healthcare systems in the West. With a focus on mind, body and spirit, participants in this two-part workshop - led by BYDC founder Gopi Kinnicutt and Ayurvedic Health Counselor Kirsten Ahern - will learn to understand and apply foundational Ayurvedic theory and practices. This series is geared towards those seeking to incorporate Ayurvedic yoga and lifestyle practices into their teaching and personal paths, or anybody seeking develop a deeper fundamental understanding of Ayurveda.

Modules in this workshop include: philosophy, the three doshas (constitutions), the roots of imbalance in the body, seasonal and environmental fluctuations, nutrition, cooking***, herbs, yoga for environmental and personal doshic imbalances, and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices to achieve optimal balance.

1st Weekend: Ayurveda Philosophy, Food and Nutrients. (Fri. Oct 25th-27th. Friday 6:30-9 pm, Sat. and Sun. 9 am-6 pm)

This first weekend focuses on understanding the foundations of Ayurvedic philosophy and achieving balance through nutrition. We’ll discuss the three main “doshas,” or types of constitutions, what they look like in optimal and imbalanced states, and the crucial role nutrition plays in wellbeing. Topics covered include:

  • The fundamentals of Ayurveda, including philosophy and the doshas

  • How diets affect each dosha in positive and negative ways

  • How diets should change according to the seasons

  • The role agni, or “digestive fire,” plays in restoring balance, and how to improve it

  • Yoga, movement and digestion

***Gopi will present two Ayurvedic cooking classes, introducing principles of vegetarian cooking and how to customize ingredients and preparations to benefit individual doshas and conditions.

2nd Weekend: Ayurveda and Lifestyle Practices. (Dec 13th-15th. Fri. 6-9 pm, Sat. and Sun. 12/14-15 9 am-6 pm)

This second weekend dives deeper to help develop habits and practices that create optimal balance for body, mind and spirit using Ayurvedic tools including yoga, pranayama, herbs, and aromatherapy. Topics covered include:

  • Ayurvedic root and primordial causes of disease

  • Five-sense therapies for the doshas

  • The Ayurvedic daily routine known as dinacharya, and how to customize it for your own dosha

  • Using yoga sequences and pranayama (breathing exercises) to balance your dosha

  • Ayurveda and aromatherapy