Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains and focuses the mind, learning to simply acknowledge its content without identifying with it. Learning practices of mindfulness empowers one to become less reactive and decreases stress and anxiety. It allows one to find greater peace, self awareness, confidence and ultimately forging a connection to God within the heart.

There are many types of meditations. We either begin with a candle light silent meditation (tratak) , that awaken third eye focus and concentration or start with a vipassana form of meditation, mindful observation of sensations in body, witnessing of mind and emotions moving into silence. We then move into a Mantra Meditation (japa) which is one of the fastest and easiest alternatives. Through the silent or quiet recitation of a mantra, one focuses the mind on a sacred sound vibration. Mantra has the power to uplift the consciousness and awaken inner peace, joy and compassion.

 Mondays 7:50PM, wednesdays 5:15pm,  and saturdays 9.15am