A journey into the heart of bhakti

12 days with gopi & radhanath swami • JAN 24th - feb 4th • $2,700

Join the International Bhakti Yoga Retreat with Radhanath Swami (world-renowned leader and spiritual activist) along with Bhakti-infused yoga teacher Gopi Kinnicutt, Kirtan musicians Gaura Vani and Vishvambhar Seth, Master yoga instructor Raghunath Cappo, and Dhanya and Virabadha teaching Ayurveda and marma therapy.

This 5 day immersion will include:

Daily Dharma talk with Radhanath Swami, daily yoga, mantra meditation and pranayama sessions. Choice of workshops in basic Ayurveda and Ayurveda cooking classes,  Marma point therapy and healing,  Sanskrit mantras, Kirtan and basic musical instruments.

All of this will take place at the Govardhan Eco Village, a model farm community and retreat center highlighting the importance of spiritual ecology: the need for us to live in harmony with ourselves, nature and the sacred, located 108 km north of Mumbai at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountains.

This Soul-filling spiritual immersion will end with a festival as we head into the heart of India’s most modern and dynamic city and join in the timeless, other-worldly celebration of the Mumbai Flower Festival. Two tons of flower petals are poured on deities of Radha and Gopinath and then showered on the festivalgoers – we’ll be immersed in music, color, dancing, food and an unforgettable divine party.

We then travel to the holy city of Vrindarvan, a place of pilgrimage for Hindus worldwide, as it is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is home to over 5000 temples, large and small. Sacred chanting resonates throughout this town, and it is full of color, ritual, sound, and deep spiritual culture. It is a place of mystical importance and can be said to be the “heart altar” of Bhakti yogis; those who follow the Path Of Devotion. Our stay in Vrindavan will be for five nights.  On our Pilgrimage we will take a boat ride down the sacred river Yamuna, one of India’s three prominent Sacred Rivers, and visit some of the oldest temples in the area.

While in Vrindavan we will also spend one morning visiting Vrindavan Food for Life, an outstanding worldwide charity organization that helps very poor children, particularly girls, get an education so that the cycle of poverty may be broken.  It is the home of many other amazing environmental initiatives, including re-forestation, clean water facilities, a medical facility and an animal sanctuary. Our last adventure in Vrindarvan will take us to the sacred mountain called Govardhana Hill, which thousands of of pilgrims visit monthly, a place of great spiritual potency.  While in Vrindavan, we will travel to nearby Agra to see the famous Taj Mahal, something every individual must see on their travels in India.