Breath Beyond the Pose

Pranayama Immersion Course

With Braja. Sept 7th and 14th, 14th and 15th, and 28th and 29th. $650

Yoga is a tool for transformation and at the heart of the practice is the breath. It is through the breath that we connect with and learn to influence our prana, or life power. Using pranayama techniques, you can learn how to balance and harness this greater power within to prevent illnesses, regain confidence and clarity, and find emotional and mental stability.


This series covers both pranayama techniques and how to practice and teach breath adaptation in asana. You will learn: cleansing breaths (kriyas), energizing breath techniques, how to increase lung capacity; as well as modalities to ease anxiety, balance the nervous system, promote digestion, cool an overheated body, and more. As a bonus, you will learn about adding sacred sound (mantra) to our breath work as a means to deepen our focus and intention. 

This course will give you tools for both your personal understanding and growth within this powerful practice, as well as how to integrate it into your yoga classes, workshops and retreats. The course is perfect for yoga teachers, therapist, energy workers, or anyone interested in practicing and learning in depth about the power of the breath for physical well-being and spiritual progress.

You will study:

  • Anatomy of Subtle Body (pranas, nadīs, koshas, chakras)

  • Anatomy of Breathing for improvement of breathing patterns

  • Subtle Anatomy of Pranayama ( ancient model as taught by Sri Krishnamacharya)

  • Anatomy of Bandhas

  • Pranayama techniques for physical benefits

  • Pranayama techniques for personal growth

  • Breath Adaptation in asana

  • Pranayama in a philosophical context

  • Pranayama in a historical context

You will receive all corresponding manual and 50 HR of continuing education through Yoga Alliance.

Saturday 12-8pm and Sunday 9 am-5 pm

50 HRS RYT credits