2 Weekends with  Braja. Nov 30-Dec 2 and Dec 13-15, 2018.  $650.

Fri. 6:30-9.30 pm, Sat. and Sun. 8 am-6 pm


Yoga is more than postures. We are given the greatest gift of life at birth: THE BREATH. Explore advanced pranayama techniques that can be therapeutically applied within your yoga practice. The air of life, or prana, when imbalanced can make one sluggish, hyperactive, anxious, nervous, depressed, and overall disconnected. Every action we do affects our prana, which in turn affects our emotions and state of mind. If we know how to balance and harness this greater power with us, we can learn to prevent illnesses, regain a power of assertion and clarity, heal and find emotional and mental stability.

This two-weekend series covers both pranayama itself and how to sequence and combine pranayama and yoga to achieve a desired therapeutic objective. We will learn cleansing breaths (kriyas) and energizing breath techniques, work on increasing lung capacity to ultimately promote longevity and blood circulation, and study techniques for using pranayama to ease anxiety, balance the nervous system,  promote digestion, cool an overheated body and mind and more. By adding sacred sound (mantra) into breathwork, we will also explore means of deepening our focus and intention.

50 HRS RYT credits