YOGIS give back

Here in the nation's capital, you don’t need to walk a mile in another's shoes to witness the suffering of the human heart. Some 31,000 children in D.C. don’t know how they’ll get their next meal.  A domestic violence call is made to the Metropolitan Police Department every 15 minutes. Over 7,000 souls are living on our streets.

As yoga students, we have a mission to serve and empower communities in need and to influence our leaders to create change. The BYDC community is rich in experience and connections. We're taking the tools we've gained in our yoga practices and in all parts of our lives, and using them to serve the community around us.

Sacred Service from a giving heart   

Bhakti Yoga DC empowers individuals with conscious lifestyle practices that transform mind/body/heart. Through our Sacred Service activities, we reach out to DC-based communities in need and offer our services voluntarily. Based on the interests and passions of our members, this may include health and life care skills for women emerging from domestic violence; coaching and advice for youth; yoga, mindfulness, meditation and spiritual support gatherings for struggling people from all walks of life; nourishing food for the homeless; clean-ups and awareness-raising to promote a greener DC; and more.

Living a yoga lifestyle requires action. Our Sacred Service "Yogis Give Back" projects provide concrete, meaningful and fun ways to take action alongside fellow members of the BYDC community.  Help us set a living example of what it means to "be the change you wish to see in the world"!

Upcoming events are listed below. If you'd like to help plan future projects or have suggestions of causes we might support or organizations we might partner with, please write to gopihope@gmail.com


Below find information about some of our ongoing efforts. New ideas and planners are always welcome!

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT:  Our mission is to provide a safe space where all women can feel embodied and empowered. Our goal is to partner with nonprofit organizations that assist women and children who are victims of homelessness, domestic abuse, and other difficult situations and work on making a positive impact in their lives.  We offer a variety of classes and offer in-studio as well as out-of-studio workshops to interested organizations. We use the art of the ancient yogic tradition in a way that is accessible to women of all belief systems to help provide tools that support health and self-care. Using yoga, mindfulness, support groups, aromatherapy, and other yogic techniques, we hope to help bring women to a place of balance and peace. If you have any questions or are interested in being a part of our project, please contact me at: margueritestevenson@gmail.com.

We have begun to serve the HOUSE OF RUTH, a women's shelter in DC, with weekly free yoga classes. We are also partnering with other women shelters to offer health and wellness classes and we at BYDC have opened up our studio to homeless women from the shelters to take free yoga classes.

CLEANER, GREENER DC:  Our goal is to improve the environment by taking a hands-on approach. We go into DC parks and public spaces to pick up trash, plant trees and work with programs that advocate for more environmentally friendly policies in DC. If you’re interested in working with your hands in the beautiful parks and gardens that are nestled all around our city, please contact Brian Fouche at bafouche@gmail.com

DONATION DRIVES: Our mission is to help ensure that local charities have the resources to continue to offer their valued services.  We connect the Bhakti Yoga community to charities in the metropolitan Washington, DC area by hosting donation drives at the studio.   Through these drives, we collect and offer goods or financial support to help meet the needs of local charities.  These donations help local charities to continue to fulfill their missions, which are vital to many in our broader community. If you'd like to volunteer to help with a donation drive, please contact kara.kuritz@outlook.com.