Gopi’s teacher training isn’t just about mechanics, it’s about exploring the heart of yoga. She leads you through a journey that teaches you to use the asanas to tap into something deeper than the physical and empowers you to help others do the same.
— Jessica
My training with Gopi went beyond the physical and philosophy of yoga by creating an atmosphere to connect to the emotional and spiritual side of the practice. Each class brought together each of the lessons in a symbiotic way that allowed information to be easily digested and shared back with each other. Understanding the nuances of chakras, bandhas, marmas, and kriyas was invaluable and showed how expansive yoga can be, as well our potential as teachers.
— Matt
One of the key concepts from the training that has stuck with me is the power of the breath. We experienced how breath and yoga asanas can be used as powerful tools for shifting one’s energy; eliminating negative thoughts, emotions and mental patterns; and as a vehicle for self-reflection, healing, meditation, and connection with a force greater than oneself.
— Asha