class levels

beginners / LEVEL 1

The perfect place to begin or to strengthen your foundation. This class focuses on alignment and breath-movement connection as you gain comfort and confidence in your practice. You will move from pose to pose at a slower pace to build flexibility, strength & mindfulness, while occasionally pausing to investigate the structural breakdown of poses. 

level 1

A steadily paced class with a focus on structural alignment. The teacher identifies students' needs, empowering them to continue to build strength and flexibility with safety and ease.


Creative, fun but accessible flow for everyone. The instructor will provide intelligent options & variations for all levels to explore & progress. Beginners will have an option to stay at the first level, while others may explore deeper.

mixed intermediate

Fun, fluid dynamic flow, geared to served those who already have a yoga practice, and who want to explore deeper. This class will make advanced postures accessible and fun.


This level offers challenging and advanced flow with room for creativity to deepen and inspire your practice. Dynamic sequencing brings strength, balance, flexibility and transformation. Open to those with regular practice and experience.



A Vinyasa practice focuses on connecting with the breath and synchronizing it with movement. Dynamic sequencing and sun salutations produce cleansing heat in the body. Standing poses bring strength, balance, flexibility and transformation. Seated postures get you grounded, calm and relaxed.

Bhakti Vinyasa

A Vinyasa yoga practice where mantra, meditation and philosophy are organically woven into the class. Bhakti is an expression of devotional sentiment held in the heart, based on compassion and devotion to Divinity. This dynamic, fluid vinyasa practice will awaken one's natural Bhakti, or devotion, within.

sunrise flow

Start your morning yoga with a refreshing opening flow, clearing stagnant energy and bringing clarity to your day.

Lunch Vinyasa

Carve out an hour in the middle of the day to destress. An active and fun creative yoga flow, keeping you calm but energized for the rest of the work day.


Enjoy a simple unwinding using blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to support the body. Allow gravity to do most of the work as we hold each asana for a while.  Relaxing and letting go is a necessary art for all.


Yin yoga provides balance and harmony to your active (yang) practice and busy life. The class focuses on long-held poses (asanas) combined with breath work (pranayama) and meditation. Yin yoga goes beneath the muscular layer to target the dense connective tissues of the body. Suitable for all levels.


Candlelight slow Flow

A gently fluid hour to end the day with. Occasionally swaying from slightly more to slightly less dynamic, be prepared - slower doesn't always mean easier! Though rooted in Vinyasa Flow, this class will be suited to a transition between the activity of the day and easing into the evening, incorporating some restorative and meditative aspects. Float into a deep night's sleep straight from yoga class. 


This gentle flow opens your body, allowing it to fully relax and rejuvenate. A slow, simple yet profound practice complemented by calming essential oils will leave you feeling renewed and ready for a new week.